Start your scholarship search with this online directory, which can sort through all available scholarships to find those that apply to your unique circumstances. The directory can sort history scholarships by state, allowing you to locate scholarships sponsored by local schools and organizations. You can use the directory’s filter to find scholarships available at your degree level, whether you are a graduate student or an undergraduate student just starting your program.

You should also use the sorting tool to search by renewability. Renewable scholarships provide funding for multiple academic years, saving you even more money in the long run. If you are already in your offline or online history program, be sure to sort by minimum GPA, as some scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement. Finally, some scholarships are available only to students of certain ethnic backgrounds, so use the directory to determine if any of these specialized scholarships are available to you.

Do not stop your search for scholarship funds here. You can find more funding opportunities by searching for history scholarships online. You can also contact your school’s financial aid office or department chair for more funding opportunities.

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Identify Trends in History Scholarships

Most history scholarships and fellowships are for graduate students, especially for students who are pursuing PhDs. Some are specifically for students who have completed all graduate-level coursework and need only to complete their dissertations to receive their degrees, and others are for those who are completing post-doctoral studies and research. History scholarships for undergraduates are much less common and provide much smaller monetary awards. If you are an undergraduate history student, be sure to apply for every scholarship available, including general scholarships, to increase your likelihood of receiving at least some assistance.

Specializing in a certain area of history can help you to find more scholarship money. Topics such as American history and art history have unique scholarship opportunities that are not available to students pursuing general history degrees. These more specialized scholarships are often more generous than those available to all history majors, sometimes providing several thousand dollars.

Finally, some history funding opportunities require a student to complete an internship with the funding organization. These internships are often coordinated with museums and historical associations, providing valuable experience for a history student in addition to funding.

Key History Scholarships

Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American Art History

This fellowship is intended for PhD students working on their dissertations, and provides funds for traveling, research, and other non-tuition expenses incurred as part of dissertation work. The foundation provides $25,000, as well as $2,000 in travel allowances, to students preparing an art history PhD dissertation with a focus on art history of the United States. The fellowship can be carried out in residence at the university or at an appropriate site for the research.

Louis Pelzer Memorial Award

This scholarship is offered by the Organization of American Historians, and is intended for graduate students. Students must submit essays about any element of American history in order to be considered for the award. The winning essay will be published in the Journal of American History, which is a significant contribution to a new graduate’s resumé. The monetary award is $500.

Key History Scholarships